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  • 6304 instant ramen kit

Instant Ramen Kit, 1.13 Kg, 6 items

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A delicious ramen adventure.

Explore the wide and varied world of ramen with this exclusive instant ramen kit. A perfect quirky gift item for somebody with a noted love for instant noodles, this kit contains four different flavours of instant ramen, as well as a large ceramic bowl and pair of wooden chopsticks to ensure your ramen is enjoyed the Japanese way. All you need to add now are your favourite toppings.

This set includes 6 items:
1x Instant Ramen Miso Flavour, 100g
1x Instant Ramen Soy Sauce Flavour, 100g
1x Instant Ramen Chicken Flavour, 100g
1x Instant Ramen Beef Flavour, 100g
1x Noodle Bowl
1x Chopsticks

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ITEM ID: #6304


Ever since their invention 50 years ago, instant ramen have gone from strength to strength, both in Japan and worldwide. Like the other food kits in Japan Centre's range, this kit is specially designed to provide all of the essential ingredients for a popular dish in Japanese cuisine. To see Japan Centre's full range of food kits, check out the Food Kits section.

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