Tea Canister - Navy, Wave Pattern, 179 g


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Dressed in one of these fabulous tea canisters, your loose leaf tea will be the trendiest on the playground! The navy wave pattern, inspired by traditional Japanese designs commonly seen in art or on kimono fabric, makes for an eye-catching display. The airtight silicone inner lid will also keep your tea fresher for longer. A great gift for any Japan or tea enthusiast. Measures 9cm tall by 8.5cm in diameter.Made in Japan.

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Tea canisters are a handy, inexpensive way to store any loose leaf teas you own. Not only are they decorative, but they contain airtight inner lids that lock in the tea’s freshness. If you are something of a loose leaf tea collector, why not take a look at Japan Centre’s whole range of decorative tea canisters?

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Very good. I bought it to go with my blue and *** teapot and tea cup and it goes great with it.