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Training Chopsticks - White, Lucky Cat, 37 g Low in Stock (only 1 left)

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Need a little bit of luck to learn to use chopsticks? These chopsticks are specially designed for beginner users, with a happy lucky cat figure placed on top to hold the chopsticks together in the correct position. With this lucky cat guiding your way, you will be an expert chopstick user in no time!

Measures 22cm in length.

ITEM ID: #6260


Eating with chopsticks is a handy skill to have if you are interested in Japan or other South-East Asian cultures. While it might seem daunting at first, beginner’s chopsticks are a great way to learn how the chopsticks are supposed to sit in your hands and how they are supposed to be able to move. Plus, if you get yourself a pair from Japan Centre’s range, they are adorable as well!

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