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Triangle Onigiri Rice Mould, Large And Small, 55 g



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Making perfectly-shaped onigiri rice balls has never been so easy! These two different-sized triangular rice ball moulds are fun and simple to use. Just add rice to the mould, press down with the tamper lid, then push the flap at the top to take your perfect onigiri out. All you need is a sheet of nori and some furikake and you have a fantastic bento lunch snack or afternoon tea treat. Large mould measures 4.5cm by 7.7cm; small mould measures 4cm by 6.6cm. Made in Japan.

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As far as lunchtime and snack foods are concerned, Japan seems to operate under the notion of ‘go cute or go home’! From adorable decoben bento boxes to tiny cone-shaped chocolates, the Japanese have made cute food an art form. If you need all the equipment to cuteify your food, check out Japan Centre’s extensive range of cute cooking utensils!

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Super simple to use and easy to clean. Created some beautiful onigiri with ease.