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  • 12285 shirataki shuzo jukusei no jozen mizuno gotoshi junmai sake set furoshiki
Original 12285 shirataki shuzo jukusei no jozen mizuno gotoshi junmai sake set furoshiki

Pop Culture Set, 991 g, 9 items

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55 reviews

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A box full of modern culture.

Feel part of the world of your favourite manga, anime and Japanese TV shows with this one-of-a-kind Japanese pop culture set. Compiled from sweet and savoury snacks most strongly associated with present-day Japan, this set contains cute confectionery, bubbly ramune, tasty instant ramen, and more. For a truly immersive experience, watch your favourite Japanese anime or TV drama while enjoying some of these treats.

This set includes 9 items:
1 x Ramune Drink
1 x Chocolate Biscuits
1 x Savoury Pretzel
1 x Chocolate Snacks
1 x Wasabi Green Peas
1 x Soft Gum
1 x Sherbet Sweets
1 x Savoury Snacks
1 x Instant Cup Noodles

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Japanese pop culture is having a massive influence on the present-day Western world, with conventions celebrating cosplay, anime, J-Pop and other elements of the culture now happening all over the UK and in other countries too. If you are looking for gifts and goodies to celebrate yours or somebody else's love for Japanese culture, take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section for an exciting range.

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5 reviews
Our grandson will report back to us when he opens the present at Christmas!
This product was wonderful except the noodle box, as I'm vegetarian and this had pork in it so I couldn't use it and when I ordered it did not have ingredients anywhere
Brought 2 for gifts, I know the recipients will really enjoy the mix of products & the quality is high. I couldn't buy these products locally and was delighted to find the online shop. The delivery options are a great bonus to the shop.
This product was great , I bought it for a present for my friends 15 year old daughter, she said ‘it was the best present ever!’ I think it was well packaged and really good value for money and had a good variety of snacks .