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  • 6218 glico pocky   giant chunk strawberry

Glico Pocky - Giant Chunky Strawberry, 132 g, 15 pieces

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No need to climb a beanstalk to get to these giants! This box contains fifteen individually wrapped giant Pocky sticks covered in smoothly sweet strawberry chocolate and chunky dried strawberry pieces for an extra sweet/sour tang. Serve these awe-inspiring Pocky at a party, or give as a gift to any sweet loving Japan fan. Made in Japan.

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Pocky has existed in Japan for nearly 50 years and its popularity only continues to grow. In the West it could easily be argued that Pocky is the most easily recognisable Japanese confectionery and favourite snack of Japanese culture lovers everywhere. If you are after an exciting variety of Pocky flavours, take a look at Japan Centre’s amazing range!

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Per Stick (12.4g):
・Energy: 59kcal
・Protein: 0.8g
・Fat: 2.2g
・Carbohydrate: 9.1g
・Sodium: 30mg

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