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  • 6193 homemade miso soup kit
  • 12285 shirataki shuzo jukusei no jozen mizuno gotoshi junmai sake set furoshiki
6193 homemade miso soup kit 12285 shirataki shuzo jukusei no jozen mizuno gotoshi junmai sake set furoshiki

Homemade Miso Soup Kit For Two, 1.12 Kg, 11 items Low in Stock (only 1 available)

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For authentic miso every day.

Welcome miso soup enthusiastically into your life with this handy miso soup kit. Designed especially for those wanting a genuine soup, this kit contains all of the ingredients needed for authentic (not instant) miso, as well as a miso bowl and chopsticks for the full Japanese miso experience. To make miso soup, mix a little miso paste into a bowl of bonito stock, and then add blocks of tofu and/or wakame seaweed.

This kit includes 11 items:
2x Miso Bowl
2x Chopsticks
2x Chopsticks Rests
1x Bonito Stock, 50g
1x Firm Tofu, 349g
1x Assorted Dried Vegetables, 20g
1x Miso Pouch, 300g
1x Recipe

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Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular in the Western world, both because of how well-known the Japanese diet is for being one of the healthiest in the world, and because Japanese food is delicious. Japan Centre's food kits are specially designed to provide all of the essential ingredients for the most loved dishes in Japanese cuisine. To see the whole range, take a look at Japan Centre's Food Kits section.

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4 reviews
making soup \nvery good product
Quick easy and very tasty.
Great kit. Makes delicious Miso soup with an easy to follow recipe.
The items arrived quickly and safely packed ( I had ordered some fragile items), also the quality of the items was quite high and the instructions were easy to follow.