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Ceramic Lucky Cat Chopstick Rests, 102 g, 5 items



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11 review

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These five little cat figurines are not only adorable to behold, but also act as chopstick rests. Sure to brighten up any tabletop, these critters come in a variety of standing, lying and sleeping positions. On each of them is written “Happiness, come, come! Come to me!” in Japanese. Guaranteed to give you good luck and cuter than buttons, these kitties make delightful stocking fillers or charming presents. Figurines measure approx. 4-5cm by 2-3cm by 2-3cm.

ITEM ID: #6189


In Japanese cuisine presentation is almost as important as the food itself, so it is no surprise that Japanese serveware leads by example. From ornate bowls to rustic bamboo sushi trays to adorable chopstick rests, Japanese serveware is an art in and of itself. To take a look at a great range of Japanese teaware, come to Japan Centre's Dining section.

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1 review
Kawaii! These are adorable, and very well made.