Yamadai Vegetable and Soy Sauce Sanmamen Ramen, 113 g

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Satisfy your hunger with a Yokohama classic.

This ramen, known as ‘sanmamen’ in Japanese, consists of a thick soy sauce broth and a topping of stir fried vegetables such as bean sprouts, carrots and bok choy. Like a soupier version of a vegetable stir fry and just as tasty. Enjoy for a main meal or as a hearty snack.

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How To Use

• Peel lid back halfway and remove flavour sachets.
• Sprinkle contents of garnish sachets over noodles and fill cup to inner line with boiling water (approx. 480ml). Close lid and leave for 4 minutes.
• After 4 minutes, peel back lid entirely, loosen noodles, add powdered soup and mix well (be sure to mix well as the thickening agent is in the powdered soup). Then add liquid soup, mix well again, and enjoy!

Item Detail


Per Serving (113g):
• Energy: 311kcal
• Protein: 8.7g
• Fat: 5.0g
• Carbohydrate: 57.8g
• Sodium: 2.8g
(Noodles & Garnish: 0.2g)
(Soup: 2.6g)
• (As Salt: 7.1g)