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  • 6106 nissin menshokuhin chicken soy sauce ramen
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6106 nissin menshokuhin chicken soy sauce ramen 6109 nissin menshokunin chicken soy sauce ramen 2

Best Before Date: 12-12-2019

Nissin Menshokunin Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen, 89 g

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This delicious chicken and soy sauce flavoured instant ramen is hard to beat. From the thin, non-fried straight ramen noodles to the clear chicken and soy sauce broth to the juicy spring onion and crispy nori seaweed garnish, you will be left hungry for more! Enjoy as a light lunch or warming snack.

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There is little doubt about it; instant ramen is here to stay. Easy to prepare and safe to store for months at a time, instant ramen is the ultimate ‘emergency food’ to have in storage ready for when the hunger pangs strike. Take a look at the vast range of instant ramen available at Japan Centre.

How To Use

• Remove top lid halfway and take out the liquid soup, garnish, and fried nori seaweed sachets.
• Add contents of garnish sachet to the pot and fill with hot water up to the inner line (approx. 410ml). Close lid and allow to stew for 4 minutes.
• Peel lid off entirely, loosen noodles and add liquid soup before mixing well. Top with fried seaweed and enjoy!

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 1364kJ/326kcal
• Fat: 4.8g
  (of which Saturates: 2g)
• Carbohydrate: 59g
  (of which Sugars: 0.8g)
• Protein: 9.9g
• Salt: 5.9g

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4 reviews
I always purchase three bowls of noodles for my parents and myself with the intention of using them after a busy day. But after introducing my parents to this and various other flavours my mother uses any excuse not cook. I guess that should indicate how tasty they are.
Super tasty
*** Fantastic!
love it