Japanese for Busy People 3: The Workbook for the Revised 3rd Edition, 485 g

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Tightly refine your essential Japanese knowledge for fluent day-to-day use.

With specific everyday habits and details in the Japanese language that can be hard to practice and keep up with outside of Japan, this workbook, made to accompany the Japanese for Busy People 3 textbook, provides excellent exercises and exciting content to keep your essential Japanese skills on point. Containing concise passages of text and naturally flowing dialogue that you can easily analyse and interact with, this textbook encourages frequent practice of all language scenarios, from informal to humble and honorific speech, to make your own Japanese comprehension and expression almost second nature. Over 450 new words alongside helpful illustrations, fill the pages of this workbook, ensuring you have lots to review and with the additional CD your regular need for native listening and speaking practice can be more than fulfilled.

Written by the Association of Japanese Language Teaching.

ISBN: 9784770030368

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