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Itsuki Kurume Hotomeki Pork Stock Ramen, 123 g

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A no-nonsense ramen with an unbeatable flavour. Kurume ramen has a distinctly rich broth made with pork bone stock and is typically garnished with pork slices, boiled egg, bamboo shoots and spring onions. With this easy ramen packet you can try this legendary ramen for yourself.

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Ramen, Somen, Udon, Soba. Noodle dishes are delicious, nutritious and easy to make, and at Japan Centre we believe that eating noodles regularly will keep a smile on your face. There is a simply staggering array of fresh, dried and instant noodles available to buy online.

How To Use

To make this delicious ramen quickly and easily:
• In a pan bring 500ml of water to the boil and add the ramen noodles. Boil for approx. 2.5 mins.
• Turn off the hob and add the soup. Mix well.
• Transfer to a bowl and garnish with your favourite toppings such as pork, hard boiled egg and seaweed.

Item Detail


Per 123g serving:
• Energy: 435kcal
• Fat: 14.9g
• Carbohydrate: 62.1g
• Protein: 13g
• Salt: 7.4g