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Best Planet Miso Soup Topping No. 3, 18 g

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Give your miso some body with this handy pack of miso toppings. Containing dried mooli (daikon) radish, wakame seaweed, wheat gluten and bok choy, the flavours are a perfect compliment to the rich umami of miso. Simply add to hot miso, leave for 2-3 minutes, and enjoy!

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Miso soup is quite tasty on its own, but in order to introduce variety and make the miso more hearty, various toppings are often added to a miso soup bowl. Tofu, deep fried tofu, spring onions and wakame seaweed are a couple of the more common toppings used.

How To Use

For a deliciously hearty serving of miso:
• Add appropriate amount of toppings to bowl of miso (approx. 5g toppings per 225ml miso)
• Mix through and leave for 2-3 minutes
• Enjoy!

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