Japanese for Busy People 3: Revised 3rd Edition with CD Textbook, 680 g

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Tightly refine your essential Japanese knowledge for fluent day-to-day use.

Now completely covering all the grammar and vocabulary necessary to initiate and participate in day-to-day Japanese conversation with your own thoughts and ideas, Japanese for Busy People 3 is a textbook that simply adds the all important touches to natively bringing your language skills together. With 5 units consisting of 3 lessons each, the themes of this book delve right into the details of Japanese society, using interesting exercises to cover business and casual scenarios that look into certain sentence structure and phrases to convey accurate meaning. Including clear practice on how to best give statements, opinions and advice for different situations, from informal to polite conversation, the specific practices of this book help give a wider understanding of Japanese and how best to naturally let it flow, with English explanations going into the nuances of why certain words and phrases are used. Around 150 extra kanji are available to practice across all the lessons and with the attached CD's fun listening dialogues and activities to test your Japanese ability on, this textbook makes getting to a respectable level of fluent Japanese (Japanese Proficiency Test Level N3), easy and enriching. 

Written by the Association of Japanese Language Teaching.


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