Kimura Drink Orange Ramune Soda, 200 ml

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Get that sweet orange soda flavour in you this summer! This orange flavoured soft drink comes in a traditional Ramune or ‘lamune’ glass bottle; a quintessential component of the Japanese summer experience. Pop the marble, release the fizz and drink away!

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The glass bottles of ramune drinks, called Codd neck bottles, used to be used for carbonated drinks all over the world. They gradually declined in usage almost everywhere, but their usage with Japanese ramune drinks remains a strong component of modern Japanese culture.

How To Use

Make sure your ramune stays in the bottle, not on you!
• Open your ramune on a flat, stable surface.
• Remember to pop out the pull-tab from its housing before trying to open your drink.
• Keep holding the push-tab down for a few seconds after you’ve pushed the marble out.

Item Detail


Per Bottle (200ml):
• Energy: 80kcal
• Protein: 0g
• Fat: 0g
• Carbohydrate: 19g
• Sodium: 10mg

Ingredients and allergens

Carbonated water, Fructose-glucose syrup, Sugar, Flavouring, Acids: E330 and E331, Colours: E102 and E110, Stabilisers: E452 and E450.


2 reviews
Both kids said it tasted more like lemon than orange but still found it enjoyable