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Japanese for Busy People 2: Main Text Revised Edition, 791 g

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Japanese for Busy People is an effective, easy-to-understand textbook, for classroom use or for independent study. In this new edition, numerous revisions and additions have been made, taking into account the comments and responses of both students and teachers who have been using the course. Changes have also been made in favour of more natural practice sentences and dialogues. In addition, new appendices list the particles, interrogatives, and sentence patterns in the book, as well as the kanji introduced. This concise course in natural Japanese is ideal for such students as businessmen whose aim is a working knowledge of the spoken language in everyday life. JFBP gets to the heart of the language without recourse to childish or classroom-only Japanese. Vocabulary and grammar have been limited to about one-third that usually encountered in beginner courses and words and patterns that students will find immediately useful are emphasized. The thirty lessons are composed of dialogues, notes on grammar, and vocabulary, exercises and quizzes. Kanji are also introduced regularly.

ISBN: 9781568363868

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