Shirataki Shuzo Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Junmai Ginjo Sake, 720 ml

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For a light, dry-tasting sake that is as crisp and clean as a dry white wine, it has to be this. This clear sake, whose name roughly translates to “The best things are like water”, is smooth and palatable. An amazingly versatile sake, great with seafood, poultry and meat dishes.

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Ginjo sake such as this is characterised by its being made from rice that has been polished down to 60% of its original volume. Removing this much of the grain ensures that all impurities are removed and nothing but pure rice is used, thereby ensuring a pure sake.

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Alcohol Content: 14%

Ingredients and allergens

Rice, Rice Malt.


6 reviews
Lovely, quality *** ***. Great for dinner parties or for people looking to try *** but unsure of where to start. Nice *** is never cheap & trying any of the cheap options from somewhere like Amazon is more likely to put you off wanting to try more (learned from experience lol). This doesn't mean however, that you need to break the bank to explore the wonderful world of ***, as there are plenty of good, quality brands that start in the £20+ range & *** *** is a great way to begin that journey, being somewhat closer taste-wise to wines that we Westerners are more accustomed with. I usually drink Bizen Maboroshi but I thought I'd try something different & Shirataki *** *** Mizuno *** *** *** has a nice, crisp, slightly fruity flavour that is great to drink with food or even better, simply enjoyed sipping away on an evening. Would definitely buy again.
Very crip & smooth. Highly recommended
First time I had this SAKE in abroad,still tasty .
I have not tried it yet so cannot rate it. I liked that it was packed with cold gel packs so it could have been drunk immediately.
This was a gift but my friends very much enjoyed it.