Marukin Ponzu, 340 ml

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If you think your soy sauce needs a citrus-y twist, then this is what you are looking for. This ponzu is a delicious combination of soy sauce and a hint of citrus juice from yuzu and sudachi. Great to use as a dipping sauce, or as a glaze or marinade. Glass bottle.

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Having long been enjoyed in Japan, ponzu is now making a good name for itself in the west. A mix of Asian citrus and soy sauce flavours, it has the perfect balance of salty, sweet and tangy.

How To Use

Very versatile and useful in most recipes.
•Use with seafood, grilled meats and vegetables, or as a dipping sauce.
•Mix with your favourite oil for a delicious salad dressing.
•Please securely fasten the cap after use.

Item Detail


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Ingredients and allergens

Soy sauce(wheat), Vinegar, Yuzu Juice, Glucose Fructose Syrup, Sudachi Citrus Juice, Bonito Flake(Fish), Mirin Rice WIne