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Quail Egg Cutter, 60 g Low in Stock (only 2 available)

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Now you can cut quail eggs to cuteify your bento! Quail eggs are smaller than regular eggs and are a well-known ingredient in Japan known as uzura. You can slice quail eggs in half, or use the shape cutter to make a heart, flower or star shape in the eggs. Or even use it to make a jigsaw cut to make it look like a hatched egg. So cute and tiny. Add some kawaii to your bento!

Please use with only quail eggs, regular eggs are too large.

ITEM ID: #5113


Japan loves gadgets and cookware is no exception. Whether it’s sushi rollers to help you make the perfect maki or egg moulds for amazing lunch box fillers, there will be an item to make it easier or cuter or both! Save money and eat healthy with bento packed lunches.

How To Use

Cut quail eggs into 4 different cute shapes.
To remove eggshells:
• Set slide into main body, pull back halfway to reveal hole in main body.
• Place egg in the hole and push slide into egg until shell is cracked.

To cut shapes into the quail eggs:
• Remove the slide with the blade from the main body.
• Place egg into hole in main body. Place the shape cutter into the central hole
• Slide the shape cutter into the egg, and take care not to cut too deep into the yolk.

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