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GATSBY MOVING RUBBER LOOSE SHUFFLE HAIR WAX, 80 g Low in Stock (only 5 available)


Formulated with special fibers, Loose Shuffle was designed to create movement and blend easily into even long hair. GATSBY’s stylists recommend you make the maximum use of Loose Shuffle’s features by creating the “curly style” seen in permed or kinky hair. Produced under the supervision of Dai Sato, hair stylist (apish in Harajuku). Mild green-apple fragrance. Made in Japan. Paraben-free.

ITEM ID: #5066


The MOVING RUBBER series was born so your ideal look can finally be possible. Our unique product was designed to create a maximum hold and moveable texture allowing you to reshape your style throughout the day. This series was developed in collaboration with Japan’s top hairstylists in 2006.

How To Use

Easy stylish hair in just a few seconds:
• Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and work into dry, clean hair.
• Important: Apply only a small amount of product at a time. Begin with spreading wax onto palms. Then apply evenly to hair. Remember, over application of this product will result in an undesirable effect.
• Make sure to seal the product tightly at the end of each use.

Item Detail


LOOSE WAVES Designed to achieve natural, wavy movement
Recommended hair length: Short, Medium-Short, Medium or Longer
Styling Power: +++++++—-(7/10)
Shine: +++++——-(5/10)