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Daesang Sunchang Ssamjang Korean Spicy Miso, 500 g

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Made in Sunchang famous for producing Korea’s most delicious spicy miso paste, this spicy ssamjang bean paste is equally delicious! With an addictive garlic and sesame flavour, this stuff is dynamite with grilled meat like galbi or samgyeopsal, kimchi, in salads, dressings and more!

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Ssamjang means “wrapping paste” in Korean and is mostly popularly enjoyed on grilled meat wrapped in shiso perilla or lettuce. A blend of doenjang soybean paste, gochujang chilli paste, sesame oil and garlic, it has a spicy and aromatic flavour.

How To Use

This ssamjang miso sauce can be used as a dipping sauce and also the traditional Korean way:
• Place the cooked meat on a lettuce or perilla leaf and add a dab of ssamjang miso sauce.
• Wrap the whole thing up and eat with your fingers!
• Once opened please keep refrigerated.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 205kcal
• Protein: 10.0g
• Fat: 0.0g
• Carbohydrate: 33.0g
• Salt: 6.75g