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Panda Shaped Onigiri Rice Mould And Nori Seaweed Cutter, 230 g


Cute and tasty! This onigiri set comes with a panda head-shaped mould and a seaweed cutter to decorate the moulded rice with a panda face. White rice and blackish seaweed resemble a real panda. If you are a lover of things cute and tasty or you just love pandas, be sure to get this onigiri set, and make pandas to your heart’s content.

ITEM ID: #4990


Onigiri is a rice ball, often wrapped in nori seaweed and containing some sort of filling. Although onigiri tend to be either triangular or circular in shape, with the continued popularity of ‘decoben’, or decorative bento lunches, onigiri will often be shaped as different animals or other fun shapes.

How To Use

Produce perfect panda onigiri in minutes!
• Fill the mould with cooked sticky rice.
• Press together firmly before popping out.
• Place sheet of seaweed into cutter, and press firmly.
• Place cut out seaweed on the onigiri to form a face.
• Enjoy!

Item Detail