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Kumamon Chiyogami Origami Paper, 45 g, 20 sheets Low in Stock (only 1 available)

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Voted the most popular mascot in Japan in 2011, Kumamon is the official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture in Western Japan. Chiyogami is a traditional block-printed paper for similar use to origami. In this case, it is printed with all the cuteness of Kumamon. 10 different designs with 2 sheets for each design, as well as a sheet of stickers. If you love bears, you are sure to love Kumamon and all their beary goodness.

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Origami, the art of paper folding, is a pastime that has existed in Japan since at least the Heian period (794 – 1185 AD) and is enjoyed by people all over the world to this day. True origami only contains folds, though there are some who use glues and other modelling sprays to create smoother looking designs. These designs can range from simple Samurai helmets and paper cranes to some extremely intricate realistic animal pieces by origami masters.

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