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Udon Kit, 1.24 Kg, 8 items

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Japanese udon noodles at home.

Make thick, chewy, great-tasting udon noodles at home with this all-in-one udon making kit. Convenient and easily adaptable, this udon kit comes with a recipe, udon noodles, a noodle bowl, a renge spoon and all the other essential ingredients and equipment needed for perfect udon preparation. All you need to add now are your favourite udon toppings. 

This kit includes 8 items:
2x Udon Noodles, 200g each
1x Udon Soup, 64g
1x Wakame Seaweed, 56g
1x Patterned Chopsticks
1x Ceramic Noodle Bowl
1x Wooden Renge Spoon
1x Recipe

Brands and designs of bowl, chopsticks and spoon are subject to change depending on availability.

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Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular in the Western world, both because of how well-known the Japanese diet is for being one of the healthiest in the world, and because Japanese food is delicious. Japan Centre's food kits are specially designed to provide all of the essential ingredients for the most loved dishes in Japanese cuisine. To see the whole range, take a look at Japan Centre's Food Kits section.

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2 reviews
Bought as a Christmas present for my grandson who is who is going to Japan next year