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Myojo Brown Sauce Yakisoba, 112 g

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4.5 / 5

1515 reviews

Instant yakisoba full of flavour.

Treat yourself to a spectacular yakisoba experience with minimum fuss, courtesy of Myojo's instant yakisoba noodles with brown sauce. A different sort of flavour to regular yakisoba dishes, the sauce that accompanies these wavy noodles and crispy toppings is flavoured with oranges and apples as well as savoury vegetables, making it much like a thickened and slightly sweet Worcestershire sauce. Deliciousness is only 3 minutes away.

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Yakisoba (which literally means 'fried noodles'), is a favourite dish during Japanese summertime festivals, due to both its rich, savoury flavour and the ease with which mountains of it can be prepared on large barbecues. Instant yakisoba bowls such as this mean that this irresistable noodle dish can be enjoyed anywhere where there is an operating kettle and running water nearby. For a fantastic range of instant yakisoba, as well as separate yakisoba ingredients, take a look at Japan Centre's Yakisoba section.

How To Use

• Remove sauce and toppings. Add 550ml boiling water.
• Wait 3 minutes, then drain away the water.
• Add the sauce sachets and mix well.
• Add toppings.

Item Detail


Per Serving (114g):
• Energy: 486kcal
• Protein: 10.0g
• Fat: 19.2g
• Carbohydrate: 68.2g
• Sodium: 1.7g
(As Salt: 4.3g)
Vitamin B1: 0.31mg, Vitamin B2: 0.39mg, Calcium: 142mg


15 reviews
My new favourite noodles. I have an intolerance to chilli and garlic, so am usually rather limited. These are great for being mild yet so tasty with a slight ** to the savoury. Easy to make for a quick lunch.
Anything Yakisoba wins awards with me. Just wish the packaging had a sticker with more descriptive information on preparation and additions to use with it.
very tasty
This is one of my favourite lazy Yakisoba packs - delicious and takes 5min! Best with sliced chicken drizzled with teriyaki sauce and some pickles ??
Best ** noodles
Great tasting noodles, like eating food straight from the streets of Tokyo.
Very tasty, *** is the perfect comfort food and so easy to prepare. It’s an experience just getting everything ready to eat, really enjoyable and delicious.
Excellent noodles, easy to make and are really filling and tasty, a great way to try them before going to Japan.
Great noodles
Gorgeous and easy to make.
Good product
quite good !