Yamasa Teriyaki Sauce (Teriyaki Soosu), 300 ml

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Add the delicious sweet and savoury taste of teriyaki to all your favourite dishes. Ready to use straight from the bottle, it’s great as a marinade, baste or dipping sauce. Enjoy this classic Japanese dish at home today!

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Teriyaki is a marinade made from soy sauce, sake or mirin and sugar or honey. The word “teri” means to shine in Japanese, and refers to the lustrous glaze foods with teriyaki take on as they’re grilled.

How To Use

Want something a little different for your BBQ? Try this.
• Marinade meat, tofu or fish with teriyaki sauce before cooking. Marinate pork, chicken or beef for 2 hours and fish, vegetable or other foods for 1 hour.
• Brush on additional sauce while cooking for an extra moist and tender dish.
• Use as a dipping sauce or mix with sesame oil for a tangy dressing.

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