New Approach Japanese Pre-Advanced Course Textbook, 650 g

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Start refining the natural fluency of your Japanese ability.

The New Approach Japanese Pre-Advanced Course textbook is ideal for those who want to take their intermediate Japanese skills further and explore the potential for near-fluent understanding, through a variety of new vocabulary and grammar. With 12 lesson chapters in total, each opening with detailed Japanese newspaper articles, journals and short stories, this textbook seeks to adjust you to more complex text and content, unraveling important grammar structures, phrases and vocabulary for you to figure out, through the use of context, furigana and outside study resources. Through repetition and regular revision of everything you learn, this book gradually increases your natural Japanese comprehension whilst constantly introducing you to new and exciting things to look into further, be it through Reading, Kanji or even native listening comprehension, thanks to the accompanying 2 CD's and scripts. Complete with difficult exercises, mini tests and explanations to really think about your Japanese, this textbook is made to immerse and challenge you for further advanced study and frequently is utilised by universities as preparation for final year.


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