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Quick to cook, great to taste.

Great Japanese cooking requires great Japanese rice, and Nishiki's quick cooking brown rice is up for the challenge. Grown in California and milled with new technology, this rice takes much less time to cook than other brown rices while retaining that distinct brown rice flavour and nutritional benefits. Use every day as a side dish to a Japanese meal, or mould into sushi and onigiri rice balls.

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As the interest in Japanese cuisine has grown worldwide, so too has the demand for Japanese, or Japonica, rices. These rices are small to medium in grain size and become particularly sticky when cooked, making them ideal for eating out of side bowls with chopsticks, or for pressing into moulded sushi and onigiri rice ball shapes. Take a look at Japan Centre's Rice section for a fantastic variety of white and brown Japonica rice, grown in Japan and around the world.

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Per Serving (42g uncooked):
Energy: 150kcal
Protein: 3g
Fat: 1.5g
Carbohydrates: 31g
Dietary Fibre: 1g
Sodium: 0mg

Ingredients and allergens

Brown rice 100%.



10 reviews
I have switched to eating mainly brown rice. This cooks well and tastes good.
Great way to get whole grains into your diet. The fact that it only needs to be soaked for 20mins and can be cooked like white rice is very convenient.
Brilliant rice, perfect results every time and a staple of the house.
It is OK, but l would not reorder again. Too heavy for my stomach, too rich.. I prefer other brown rice..
Great value for money.
Hard to find this quantity of brown rice
Highly recommend.
Highly recommendable
Use for dietary reasons. Good product.
I use it with every meal.\n\nEveryone, t had a lot more nutrients than white rice and cooks about the same speed.\n\nThe quality is excellent.\n\n