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Kasugai Sugar Free Acerola Cherry Boiled Sweets, 68 g

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A pack of Acerola non-sugar throat sweets. Sugar substitutes have been used in this sweet to reduce the calories by 45% compared to the sugared variety. One sweet is only 9kcal! Sweet and sour, the Acerola is a fruit also known as the Barbados cherry or West Indian cherry.

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Japanese confectionery ranges from traditional red bean sweets to modern varieties, always with an eye catching package design. Browse our confectionery range and it’ll be just like wandering the aisles of a Japanese convenience store!

Item Detail


Per 100g:
•Protein: 0.1g
•Fat: 0g
•Sodium: 17mg
•Sugar: 0g
•Vitamin C: 3200mg


Maltitol Syrup, Acerola Juice Concentrate, Herb Extract, Vitamin C, Acidulant, Flavouring, Colourings (Carotene, Red Cabbage), Sweetener (Aspartame [L-Phenylalanine]).