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Daikoku Foods Hiroshima Style Okonomi Yakisoba, 127 g

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A fusion of okonomiyaki and yakisoba flavours.

Experience the striking flavours of Hiroshima style okonomiyaki with Daikoku Foods' okonomi yakisoba. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is like a fusion of Osaka style okonomiyaki and yakisoba, with both seasoned flour and fried noodles being used to make a layered savoury pancake. This instant yakisoba pays homage to this mixture of flavours by bringing together instant fried noodles, Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki sauce, crispy squid-seasoned tempura pearls, and Nanami Togarashi (seven-spice mixture). Best of all, it takes mere minutes to prepare.

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Yakisoba (which literally means 'fried noodles'), is a favourite dish during Japanese summertime festivals, due to both its deep, savoury flavour and the ease with which mountains of it can be prepared on large barbecues. Instant yakisoba bowls mean that this irresistable noodle dish can be enjoyed anywhere there is an operating kettle and running water nearby. For a fantastic range of yakisoba items, take a look at Japan Centre's Yakisoba section.

How To Use

• Open lid from Point A (marked on lid) to Point B. Remove sauce and garnish sachets.
• Add boiling water until the noodles are covered. Replace lid and wait three minutes.
• Open outer lid at Point C to reveal strainer. Carefully drain excess water.
• Remove lid entirely. Stir in yakisoba sauce. Sprinkle garnish on top.

Item Detail


Per Serving (127g):
• Energy: 567kcal
• Protein: 9.0g
• Fat: 26.9g
• Carbohydrate: 72.2g
• Sodium: 1.6g (As Salt: 4.1g)
Vitamin B1: 1.31mg, Vitamin B2: 1.30g, Calcium: 170mg