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Best Before Date: 30-11-2019

Coris Gajiriccho Soda Candy Rope, 16 g

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33 reviews

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Double soda, double flavour! Chewy candy rope with a sweet soda flavour (or ‘cider’ flavour, as they often call it in Japanese), surrounding a sour soda centre, it’s like two sweets in one! A must try for all sour sweet fans, as well as everyone that loves their candy’s name to be a tongue twister too!

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Japanese confectionery ranges from traditional red bean sweets to modern varieties, always with an eye catching package design. Browse our confectionery range and it’ll be just like wandering the aisles of a Japanese convenience store!

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Per Pack (Avg. 16g)
• Energy: 68kcal
• Protein: 0.1g
• Fat: 1.7g
• Carbohydrates: 13.2g
• Sodium: 0.4mg

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3 reviews
I would use this product to eat. I would recommend this to my friends
Delicious candy for adults and children
Tasty treat for the kids and myself