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Mini Triangle Onigiri Rice Mould, 30 g


Make teeny onigiri rice balls with easy to use onigiri mould. Great for bento lunch boxes or cool party snacks, you can make three mini triangle onigiri at a time and it’s really easy to use. A must have for any kyaraben fans! Features Japanese, English and Spanish instructions on reverse.

ITEM ID: #4407


Onigiri is a triangular or circular shaped rice ball, often wrapped in nori seaweed. There are many different toppings and fillings which can be used. Onigiri even appear in the famous Tale of Genji, although in a slightly different form to the ones we know and love today.

How To Use

If you wish to add a filling to your onigiri make sure to add the two punches to the mould as well:
• Lightly dampen the mould, then place the bottom section in the frame.
• Fill with sticky rice and push down with the other half of the mould.
• Push through the holes in the bottom of the frame to pop out the mould and separate the two halves.

Item Detail