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Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Amazake, 380 g

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A thick, sweet brown rice paste, traditionally used as a dairy-free ingredient in drinks and desserts, Clearspring brown rice amazake is made using just 3 simple organic ingredients – water, brown rice and a pinch of salt. Dilute with hot water or add to fruit smoothies for a drink enriched with proteins and natural sweetness. This thick, creamy, dairy free traditional Japanese dessert can also be added to pancake batter, muffin mixes or used to make dairy free French Toast.

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Amazake dates back to the Kofun Period (250-538AD) and is thought to be very nutritious, as it contains vitamins and GABA, a naturally occurring amino acid attributed with lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, boosting the immune system, improving sleep and inhibiting the production of cancer cells. It contains mostly simple sugars, providing a slow but prolonged source of energy.


Per 100g
• Energy: 147kcal
• Protein: 3g
• Fat: 0.9g
• Carbohydrates: 30g
of which Sugars: 18.5g
• Salt: trace


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