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Kokeshi Doll Bento Lunch Box, Small - Samurai, 235 g Low in Stock (only 4 available)


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Justice, honour.. and a pretty good lunch! This charming 3 tier bento box with elastic bento strap is designed in the style of a samurai or bushi, ancient Japanese warriors who followed the way of Bushido! This range is part of the special Kyoto line of kokeshi bento boxes made by famous bento big daddies Hakoya. This little guy will defend the fresh crispyness of your lunch to the end and is made to resemble a traditional Japanese wooden kokeshi doll. His hat even transforms into a soup bowl or cup, great for miso soup! Japan Centre is one of the few companies selling these outside of Japan!

The bento measures approx. 13cm x 10cm. The top tier bowl can hold approx. 240ml but is not sealed and cannot be used to store unwrapped food. The 2nd has a domed plastic inner-lid and both the middle and bottom tiers hold approx. 200ml. Plastic inner-lid not microwave or dishwasher safe.

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Bento are Japanese style lunch boxes. Not just a convenient meal, bento have been elevated to an art form with bento makers competing to create bento lunchbox contents in the shape of famous fictional characters, landmarks or animals.

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It's quite small but I expected that as the size was noted on the page. It looks great and will be perfect for lunches at work.