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Misuzu Mini Inari Fried Tofu Wraps (Mini O-Inari-san), 60 g

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6 mini seasoned and pre-cooked inari fried tofu wraps for making inari sushi. At 4 × 8cm they’re just the right size for bento lunch boxes or small snacks. Inari fried tofu wraps are made by frying pieces of tofu in a mix of soy sauce and mirin to create a slightly sweet sheet of tofu that is then made into pockets for filling with rice.
Please refrigerate once opened and consume as soon as possible.

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Inari sushi is a tasty vegetarian sushi that is made by simply stuffing inari fried tofu wraps with sushi rice. They are named after the Japanese god Inari who is supposedly a big fan of fried tofu!

How To Use

These inari fried tofu wraps are shaped like pockets and are already cooked so can be prepared quickly.
• To make them easier to fill, gently warm the pockets in hot water for 2-3 minutes while still sealed in the bag.
• Prepare your sushi rice as detailed in our recipe guide.
• Add the sushi rice to the inari fried tofu pocket and serve.
• You can also add extra ingredients such as sliced carrots, burdock root and sesame seeds.

Item Detail


Per 100g
• Energy 250kcal
• Protein 13g
• Fat 14g
• Carbohydrates 219g
• Salt 1g