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Best Before Date: 24-07-2019

Best Planet Shaved Kombu Kelp, 9 g

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Soft, with a mild and delicious pickled flavour, tororo konbu is an ideal way to add flavour and interest to all kinds of dishes. Use tororo konbu with miso or noodle soups, as a garnish for onigiri rice balls or as a wrapping for battera sushi. Please consume as quickly as possible after opening.

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Considered a health food in Japan, tororo konbu is made from slivers of shaved kelp that have been seasoned with vinegar. This process gives the tororo konbu a soft, delicate texture and flavour.

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Per 100g
• Energy 117kcal
• Protein 6.5g
• Fat 0.9g
• Carbohydrates 50.2g
• Salt 2100mg
• Calcium 650mg
• Iron 3.6mg
• Dietary Fibre 28.2g

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