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Kozen Roasted Sushi Nori Seaweed - Catering Size, 250 g, 100 Sheets

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All the nori you will ever need! With 100 sheets of green grade sushi nori, this pack is great value and great for rolling up a sushi storm at parties, celebrations or other events. It’s also re-sealable, so even if you don’t want to use all your sushi nori at once, it will still be lovely and crispy when you use it again. Can be used in whole sheets or torn along the perforated lines to create 6 separate strips. Made in Korea.

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Nori seaweed is one of the healthiest Japanese foods, full of protein and vitamins. Nori is created by harvesting huge amounts of seaweed from special nori seaweed farms in Japan, then drying and pressing into sheets in a similar fashion to making paper.

How To Use

Nori is most well known as the wrap used in sushi rolls.
• Add sushi rice to 3/4 of a whole sheet of nori seaweed.
• Lay on your favourite fillings such as fish and vegetables.
• Roll up the sushi and slice into pieces to make maki sushi rolls.
• Or try some small sheets of nori seaweed with rice for breakfast.

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