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Charolles Shabu Shabu Pan With Lid, 895 g


For authentic shabu shabu dishes.

Cook up a delicious and nutritious family feast with this authentic shabu shabu pan with lid. Made from stainless steel, this shallow pan has a handy chimney in the centre that helps it to heat up quickly and more evenly than other pans. Use to prepare shabu shabu on a regular stove, or, better still, on a tabletop stove together with friends and family. Pan measures approx. 26cm in diameter. Made in Japan.

ITEM ID: #4173


Japanese cuisine places a lot of focus on the idea of communal cooking. A remnant from the days of cooking around a fireplace, Japanese dishes such as nabe, oden and shabu shabu are almost always prepared on a tabletop stove by everybody who will eventually be eating it. If you are looking to bring this fun and friendly style of cooking into your household, be sure to check out Japan Centre's Cooking Equipment section to ensure you have all the right gear.

How To Use

• Place the pan on a portable gas stove on a protected table top.
• Fill the bottom of the pan up to 2/3 with water and stock.
• Bring to a simmer and get cooking.
• Use our Japan Centre Shabu Shabu Recipe for more detailed instructions.

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