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Best Before Date: 26-07-2016

Tamanoi Honey Apple Vinegar Diet Juice, 125 ml

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Try 1 carton of this no added sugar apple vinegar and honey diet juice every day for 3 days and see if you can start feeling healthier and more beautiful. Absolutely packed full of essential vitamins and minerals and containing 10% fruit juice, this drink is deliciously sweet and sour as well as low-calorie, our favourite combination!

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Japanese juice drinks come in a huge range of refreshing flavours and a rainbow of colours. There’s apple, orange and tropical fruits as well as less common flavours such as vinegar and even aloe vera. Many of these juices are great for dieting so if you’re looking for healthy as well as refreshing juice drink, Japan Centre is the right place to find it!

Item Detail


Per Carton (125ml):
• Energy: 22kcal
• Protein: 0.0g
• Fat: 0.0g
• Carbohydrate: 9.4g
(Sugars: 6.4g)
(Dietary Fibre: 3g)
• Sodium: 24mg


Apple, Apple Vinegar, Fibre, Lactose Fructose Oligosaccharide, Erythritol, Honey, Vitamin C, Flavourings, Sweetener (Aspartame, Phenylalanine, Acesulfame Potassium).