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Takaki Seaweed Salad Mix, 10 g

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Low in fat but high in fresh flavours, this seaweed salad mix is full of vitamins and fibre for a great low calorie addition to one's diet. Simply drop the filter bag of seaweed in water for 5 minutes and watch it expand to several times its size before using as a salad with dressing or even added on to Japanese pizza and spaghetti dishes.

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Western and European cuisine does not utilise seaweed very often, but in Japanese and other South-East Asian cuisines seaweed seaweed a delicacy to be enjoyed daily. Whether it’s nori seaweed wrapping up sushi, kombu kelp seaweed adding umami flavour to stock, or wakame seaweed garnishing miso soup, seaweed in Japan is a serious business. Shop in Japan Centre’s Seaweed section for all your seaweed needs.

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Seaweed (Wakame [Produced in China], Kukiwakame, Shirokikurage, Suginori, Akatsunomata, Kanten).