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Nakatashokuhin Umeshu Plum Wine with Green Tea, 300 ml

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A glass bottle of umeshu plum wine liqueur with green tea. This green tea plum wine liqueur is packed full of Kishu plums, famed for their fruity taste and catechin, a healthy antioxidant naturally found in green tea. With a smooth, medium sweet taste laced with earthy hints of green tea and the sour flavour of plums, this plum wine offers a subtle twist on a Japanese classic.

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Umeshu is made by steeping unripened Japanese plums in alcohol and sugar to allow the flavours to infuse. This type of alcohol tastes sweet and sour and is great mixed with soda or drunk straight on the rocks.

How To Use

Great neat or in a cocktail.
• Mix 2:3 with soda water for Umeshu Soda.
• Serve on the rocks for Umeshu Rokku.
• Mix 3:1:2 umeshu, calpico and soda for a tasty cocktail.

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12% Alcohol