Kunitaro Sencha Green Tea, 44 g, 20 bags

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A packet of 20 pyramid shaped green tea teabags. These sencha teabags contain sencha tea leaves grown in Japan and matcha powder from Uji, a matcha growing mecca, for a full flavour and fragrance. As the sencha teabag is dropped into the water the bottom opens up allowing for maximum flavour to infuse with the water and the long thread means you won’t have to go fishing it out with a spoon later!

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Sencha is the most common variety of Japanese tea and accounts for approximately 80% of the tea produced in Japan. Sencha has a greenish, golden colour and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Sencha is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, these help prevent cancer, keep the heart healthy and aid general well-being. Mixed together with matcha powdered green tea it is especially rich and grassy.

How To Use

These sencha teabags can be used with either hot or cold water:
• Put 1 teabag into a cup and pour hot, but not boiling (ideally 80 degrees) water directly over it until the cup is full.
• Leave for approx. 30 seconds, then move the teabag around in the water until the tea has reached the desired strength.
• Alternatively, pour approx. 200ml of cold water directly over the teabag. After 3 minutes jiggle the teabag a few times until tea reaches desired strength.

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2 reviews
A good flavoured Sencha Tea. I am not Japanese. When I asked another customer in the shop I was in when I first purchased the Tea I asked which was the best of the selection on offer. I was shown this one. The stock ran out and I tried others. None were as good. That could be down to personnel preference but my wife feels the same. Note she is not Japanese either.