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Gekkeikan Gensen Sozai Junmai Sake, 300 ml

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4.5 / 5

1111 reviews

This 300ml clear bottle of junmai grade sake is a product of Japanese sake giant, Gekkeikan, the chosen sake brand of the Japanese Imperial Household. Junmai sake is a great standard quality sake made from rice polished to 70% of its original size. A truly natural, crystal clear junmai sake with a full bodied texture and dry taste.

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Sake is Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink, brewed using special sake rice. Sake has many different types and grades depending on the brewing process, ingredients used and percentage the rice is polished. Try sake warmed, at room temperature, or even serve chilled on ice in a cocktail for a refreshing drink.

How To Use

Can be drunk warm or cold.
• Heat in a tokkuri sake bottle in a bowl of hot water until 38°C to 55°C.
• Alternatively, serve at room temperature or chilled.

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• Rice polished to 70%
• Alcohol: 14%




11 reviews
Fairly smooth and good for drinking hot or cold
Had this served in Japan whilst on holiday, very nice mid-price sake. Bought to be used as gifts.
for drink and good test
Good quality sake at a reasonable price.
Decent sake for cooking and marinating meats in.
My husband loves this
You can drink cold - I love it. Also you can make delicious drinks with it - google caipirinha de sake - very typical in Brazil. You just add the fruit you love and make your delicious ** - nipo Brazilian 🇯🇵🇧🇷??
I have ordered this product on multiple occasions, both for personal consumption and for gifts to friends who have never had sake previously. The product quality is always high and consistent.\n
I am by no means an expert but I love the taste of it.
Bought for recipe. Never tasted sake before. Very strong