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Aizome Chiyogami Origami Paper, 35 g, 8 sheets


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This cloth-like origami paper comes in 8 different styles. Since the Edo period Chiyogami has been decorated with woodblock prints originally based on the vibrant patterns found on kimono. These sheets are no exception, and have been printed with intricate indigo coloured patterns which will make for absolutely beautiful looking origami. Each sheet measures 150mm x 150mm. Each pack contains 8 sheets.

Origami, the art of paper folding, is a pastime that has existed in Japan since at least the Heian period (794 – 1185 AD) and is enjoyed by people all over the world to this day. True origami only contains folds, though there are some who use glues and other modeling sprays to create smoother looking designs. These designs can range from simple Samurai helmets and paper cranes to some extremely intricate realistic animal pieces by origami masters.

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1 review
This origami paper is very special- the blue colours are wonderful and I like both the texture and patterns. I run a craft group and will recommend this product to the members. The quality is excellent.