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Tanki Master Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 Workbook, 260 g

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This is an exercise book for those looking to increase their Japanese language ability to pass the internationally recognised Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N4. Since 2010, the JLPT has seen some changes with five different levels of Japanese ability ranging from N1 for advanced level to N5 for beginner levels.

This book tests your Japanese level using multiple choice questions as they would appear in the exam for four different language skills: vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening. The second part includes a short version of the JLPT test so you can assess if you can finish in time on D-Day. The exercises don’t give you explanations so this book is a great way to revise and familiarise yourself with how the exam is laid out.

One CD is included with this book to practice the listening comprehension sections and a separate leaflet contains answers and a transcription of the listening part.

ISBN: 9784893587602

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