Japan Centre Curry Bread, 115 g

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4.5 / 5

2222 reviews

A sweet/savoury Japanese favourite.

Try one of Japan's most popular and highly sought after baked treats with Japan Centre's freshly baked curry bread. This tasty baked treat is made of slightly sweet dough, which is filled with Japanese curry sauce before being coated with breadcrumbs and baked to a golden finish.

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Every morning Japan Centre’s bakers are up bright and early, mixing batter, kneading dough and applying garnishes to dozens of breads and sweet treats, all inspired by Japanese bakeries and beloved Japanese flavours. Take a look at the great range of Bakery items we have on offer.

Bakery items may contain these ingredients/allergens: 

Wheat, Egg ,Milk, Soya, Seeds, Nuts and Sulphur Dioxide. While we make every effort to prevent cross contamination we cannot guarantee that any item we make is 100% free of any specific allergen.

How To Use

• Bakery items are not available for Next Day or Saturday Delivery Orders.

Item Detail


Per 100g:
• Energy: 781kJ/186.59kcal
• Fat: 4.44g
  (of which Saturates: 1.27g)
• Carbohydrate: 27.97g
  (of which Sugars: 6.85g)
• Protein: 5.7g
• Salt: 0.24g

Ingredients and allergens

Bread : Wheat flour, free range egg, sugar, butter, glucose, yeast dried skimmed milk powder, salt, Curry sauce ( Vegetable oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed oil ), Wheat flour, Sugar, Salt, Curry Powder ( Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, Cinnamon,Fennel, Red pepper, Doll, Dries Tangerine peel, Spices ), Corn starch, Onion Powder ( Onion Flakes : Soybean, Glucose: Maltose ), Flavour Enhancers ( E621, E631, E627 ), Colour : E150a, Yeast Extract, Emulsifiers ( E473, E471 ), Soybean Pase ( Soy bean, Salt, Rice )Defatted Soybean, Acidity Regulators ( E330, E296 ),Red Pepper, Fermented Wheat Seasoning ( Wheat: YeastExtract, Dextrin ), Flavour )


22 reviews
Tasty, highly recommended.
Just feel Japan.
I heat this product in oven. I liked it.
I heat mine up as I like hot food but still delicious hot or cold. A must to try .
I would like to eat this every day! Reminds me so much of wonderful days in Tokyo. Perfect and fresh and delicious. High quality, just as described, just the right amount of spice.
Nice and fresh. Strong flavour. No meat that i could find, so just the curry sauce and vegetables.
Tried for first time tasted really good
Brilliant tasting bread
Tasted amazing! Not something you would usually get in the UK, so was nice to try something new. I will definitely order this again.
Lovely and still fresh!
A bit spicy for kids.
Genuinely one of the tastiest foods I've eaten ever lol. The *** was lightly spiced, and the bread was ever so slightly sweet. I'd heated mine in the microwave for 60 seconds, and it was amazing
I'd never had curry bread before so I can't really judge if this is how it always is. The flavour was great, but for me, texture's a big factor in enjoying food, and I somehow expected a thicker layer of bread right up to the filling. It was a thin shell with a void around the curry. I'm probably totally wrong and this is how it's meant to be. It just didn't hit the spot for me.
The curry was mild so really nice
Lovely texture and very rich curry taste.
Oh so very yummy! Wished I had ordered more.
Lovely as always
Eat it, yes
I really enjoyed this curry bread, it had a combination of sweet and sour, the bread has a sweetness to it which is not overbearing and the curry filling was mildly spicy. It was very tasty.
Curry bread is my all time favourite! So delicious and fresh, can’t go wrong! And very popular in Japan 💖
Very tasty