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Your monthly guide to almost everything you need to know about the latest anime scene.

Much like the heightened mental awareness awarded to "Newtype" characters in the famous Gundam anime universe, this magazine of the same name is all about keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to appreciating your favourite anime. Whether wanting to learn about the recent activities of popular seiyuu (voice actors), discover previews on this season's newest anime, or even get reports on the latest events and goods announcements, you'll find it all within the colourful and dynamic content of this magazine. With full anime listings for each month, on top of interviews with creators and singers in regards to their current work, this magazine not only keeps you up to date, but lets you explore further interests with tips on cosplay and illustration. Regularly containing glossy B2 posters and new manga supplements, make sure you're moving with the times of these moving pictures, thanks to Newtype.
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Despite the widespread rise of the internet and its easy global access to discovering and taking in Japan's latest trends, magazines in Japan still line the shelves of convenience stores and bookshops in their hundreds, offering exclusive details and up-to-date stories that all wait to excite budding readers across the nation. With contemporary Japanese culture, its varied and ever-evolving trends have made it an exciting hub for magazines to share information from. The abundance of peculiar subcultures and rise of international awareness when it comes to Japanese anime and music has created all manner of new discoveries and here at we've picked up a range of Modern Japanese Culture Magazines for you to explore yourself!

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