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Shinshin Pickled Garlic In Soy Sauce with Black Vinegar (Kurozu iri Ninniku), 60 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)

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A packet of pickled garlic in soy sauce and black vinegar, a strong pickle with a rich flavour eaten for good health in Japan.

Pickles are an eternally popular Japanese condiment with many varieties to choose from. The garlic is left to ferment and the longer the process takes, the stronger the taste! Japanese black vinegar is made from rice and is considered to be healthy as it contains a lot of amino acids and studies showed it had anti-cancer properties.

Serve as a side dish to any Japanese meal. Eat with miso soup and rice, fill onigiri (rice balls), or enjoy as a snack with peanuts and an ice cold beer!

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Per pack (60g):
・Energy: 47kcal
・Protein: 2.4g
・Fat: 0.2g
・Carbohydrate: 8.8g
・Sodium: 2.1g

Ingredients and allergens

Garlic, soy sauce(wheat), sugar, salt, brewed vinegar, rice black vinegar, seasoning(amino acid), acidulant, preservative(sorbic acid), colourings, sweeter(stevia)


6 reviews
Excellent taste, just what i wanted, never **
I'm not ashamed to admit I could eat the whole pack in one sitting. I just wish they came in larger packs. Delicious and not overwhelmingly garlicky.
As I love garlic, I eat these pickled garlic like sweets - straight from the bottle. They don't give you garlic breath if you eat one or two at a time.
This garlic is delicious. I eat it like sweeties.
I use the product in salads I prepare in my pub. \nCustomers have asked where I purchased the product and I have told them.
Tasty as a snack