Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 Drill Textbook, 500 g

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This is an exercise book for those looking to increase their Japanese language ability to pass the internationally recognised Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N4. Since 2010, the JLPT has seen some changes with five different levels of Japanese ability ranging from N1 for advanced level to N5 for beginner levels.

This book includes a number of drills from past paper questions in the same format as the official test. It also includes detailed information on key points in the language, structures and use of kanji with further explanations to accompany the questions.

Everything in the book is written in Japanese with furigana provided for most kanji not related to the questions. It’s a great way to revise and familiarise yourself with how the exams are laid out and timed. All answers are located at the back of the book for personal assessment.

There are 2 CDs included with this book to practice the listening comprehension sections. This drill book is the practical book to accompany the N4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test theory book.

ISBN: 9784757419544

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