ALC Japanese Proficiency Tests N2 with CD, 500 g

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This is an exercise book to test your Japanese proficiency. With multiple choice questions as they would appear in an exam, this makes it easy to prepare yourself for the big exam day. The whole book is in Japanse with furigana provided for most Kanji not related to the questions.

This publication is intended for people who are studying for the Japanese Proficiency Exam, as well as a good challenge to fully prepare yourself for the exam. There are very little explanations for the questions and therefore a good way to familiarise and prepare yourself on with how the exams are laid out and timed. All answers are located at the back of the book for personal assessment.

This is the N2 level which is one difficulty bellow the highest level. There is also 2 CD’s included for the comprehension section.
ISBN: 9784757418820

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  • Category: JLPT
  • Maker: ALC
  • Size: 500 g